NeuX Technologies NXPro

The new technology on the Bloch, made by NeuX Technologies, is the NXPro. The NXPro utilizes muscle stimulation technology to reduce pain and injury and improve fitness and human performance. It is able to do this using INS or interactive neuromuscular stimulation. This equipment is not to be confused with TENS or your run-of-the-mill muscle stimulation devices. INS utilizes a combination of two waveforms, a high-frequency alternating current (AC) and a lower-frequency direct current (DC) making the stimulation much more comfortable and smooth. Other muscle stimulation devices utilize one or the other. In pain and injury, the NXPro can be used to reduce the perception of pain and it can be used with corrective exercise for neuromuscular reeducation. This not only reduces pain but helps to correct the dysfunction associated with the movement by relearning the appropriate pattern. The NXPro also works to improve fitness and performance through its ability to open nervous system pathways. It can even be used during dynamic warm-ups prior to training to help get the most muscle activation improving performance during the training session.