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Located inside Restor Physical Therapy

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351 Hospital Road, #007
Newport Beach, CA 92663


How to find us


Where exactly are you located?

Body Restoration is located inside Restor Physical Therapy on the basement level, Suite 007.

Take the elevator to the basement and exit towards Restor Physical Therapy.  Walk to the back of the gym by the Physical Therapy tables, where the Body Restoration team is stationed.

What types of health insurance do you accept?

We accept most insurances, but are out-of-network for certain insurances. Our billing team will verify insurance



  1. Enter parking lot located on Hospital Road.

  2. Take a parking ticket from the machine. Make sure to bring your parking ticket inside the building with you, as you will be able to get your ticket validated.

  3. Entrance to the building is a short walk from the parking lot. There is a ramp to enter the building if needed.

  4. Parking ticket can be validated at the machine at the front desk.

What conditions do you treat?

We treat a multitude of Musculoskeletal conditions through advanced chiropractic and soft tissue techniques, as well as research driven technology. Systemic inflammatory conditions are treated with the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber.

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